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March 25, 2016
Little Passports reading list

Little Passports Reading List

Spring is a wonderful time for garden adventures, both in the backyard and in books. Little Passports asked blogger and child education expert, Deb Chitwood, to […]
March 22, 2016
stability on the road, family travel,

Stability on the Road

Question: How can a family have a normal family life and stability/consistency on the road? If you want to have stability, normally culture tells you to […]
March 20, 2016
Turning Two

Turning Two: A Traveler’s Travails

Once upon a time, there was a traveling baby who turned two somewhere between Iceland and England. His mama was so busy with travel plans that […]
March 14, 2016
Matador U

We’ve Been Featured: Matador Network

Matador Network recently included us in a great post entitled “These 7 Families Will Change How You Think About Taking Your Kids on the Road.” We’ve […]
February 21, 2016
Family Travel: Teaching Children to Work

Family Travel: What about children learning to work?

Question: While traveling, how can children learn to work? Isn’t it all pleasure and play? In short, it’s possible for children to learn to work while […]
February 21, 2016

Travel: My Spouse Doesn’t Want to Go

So, you want to travel! You’ve done your research, read other travel blogs, and your imagination is on fire. You can’t wait to get started… but […]
January 4, 2016

2015 Turning Lemons into Lemonade and a 2016 Look Ahead

Turning lemons into lemonade may be the greatest life skill a traveler will ever need.  After all, contentment is a state of the heart. As I […]
December 19, 2015
Eiffel Tower Paris

Marital Spats in Paris

Brent and I have spent almost every hour, of every day, of our marriage together. In ancient Israel, young men were kept off the battlefield their […]