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September 13, 2014
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September 14, 2014
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Barracuda from the deep sea fishing trip

It was the morning of Josiah’s 13th birthday. He had no idea we had planned a fishing trip. Brent and I were about to pop with excitement. This child was born ready to fish. He was three years old when he won a fishing derby sponsored by Pepperidge Farm, an accomplishment he had never forgotten. 🙂 Throughout our travels, one constant has been a line and a hook in Josiah’s pocket; the boy loves to fish.


Josiah’s birthday breakfast table.

The Deep Sea Fishing Surprise

After an early morning breakfast, we instructed the children to get into our “hippie conversion” bus for a birthday trip. Brent grabbed the cooler loaded with drinks and hydrating snacks I packed the evening before, and we were off on a birthday surprise in Cozumel, Mexico.

We unloaded at the marina. Josiah was beginning to think we might be considering a fishing dinghy, but he was shocked speechless at our chosen watercraft. The Captain and Mate of Makaira Cozumel Fishing Charters  began ushering us aboard a twin-diesel 33′ Well-Craft private yacht. There was a mixture of giddiness, excitement and surprise among the children. It worked; we surprised the boy! He kept saying, “Thank you!” before we cast off.

Deep sea fishing with childre.

Navigating the channel in Cozumel.

The Chartered Yacht We chartered the boat just for our family. The little ones enjoyed their accommodations below deck. If you are planning a deep sea fishing trip with your child, I highly recommend a private charter.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you don’t want to share that with a guest who may be intoxicated, or intolerant of children.  When you take a private charter you will not be sharing “the fighting chair”.  Our children enjoyed free reign around the deck and the air-conditioned bedroom and cabin.

The morning was perfect.  We were driving through the channel just past sunrise. Although Josiah’s October birthday is past prime fishing season in Cozumel, certain species are a good catch year-round. Captain Jose Luis Castillo plotted the vessel’s course with us the day before. The captain demonstrated his capable twenty five years expertise as he safely guided us around the northern end of Cozumel. Josiah’s first catch made the day.

Barracuda from the deep sea fishing trip

Josiah’s 3ft. Barracuda

First Mate Luis was spectacular at manning the 50 lb-weighted fishing poles while letting our son work hard in the fighting chair.   He was not only capable but also funny and kept us all laughing and enjoying the entire experience.  This was definitely the perfect coming-of-age trip for our son.

Deep Sea fisging bond

Father and son bonding while deep sea fishing.

The Captain and First Mate showed obvious delight in making sure our birthday boy reeled in fish. He caught seven barracuda, including one that was just over 3ft long. Hannah had her turn in the fighting chair too, but her strong fish got away.  She, like us, enjoyed the aqua blue water, the colorful fish we saw zipping by and watching the flying fish jumping.  Josiah insists that his 13th birthday was the best one of his whole life.

Deep sea fishing girl

Hannah tries her hand at deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing fun

Deep sea fishing fun

We saw dolphins dancing in the wild. There were schools of flying fish skimming the surface of the sea. Some days are just perfect. This was one of them.

Deep sea fishing in Cozumel

Deep sea fishing in Mexico is a memory he will always cherish

Have you given your child a surprise trip for his birthday?  How did it go?

Want to learn how to make your own deep sea fishing trip amazing? Read Deep Sea Fishing With Children!


Brent and Stacey-jean Inion
Brent and Stacey-jean Inion
Brent and Stacey-jean Inion, parents of nine (including four children adopted with special needs), 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year and the National Geographic Travelers People's Choice Travelers of the Year. They love to laugh, to read and to explore as a family. The secret to their marital bliss is an early morning cup of freshly brewed coffee before the children awake.

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