Meet the Inions

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We are the Inion Eleven, on a global journey as we “travel deep and wide”.

Meet the Inions


Whether it’s by dressing the part of pre-Revolutionary colonists in colonial Williamsburg, picking cocoa with Belizean Mayans, climbing ancient ruins in Mexico, enjoying a traditional tea in Japan, or hiking the 2000 year-old rice terraces in the Philippines, we seize hands-on education with the world as our backyard.


We love to travel “deep.”Slow travel allows us to do more than check off another location.We become global citizens as we get to know our neighbors, attend local churches, shop local markets and live in authentic neighborhoods.Travel is not a race to a destination, but a journey to be savored. We also have been traveling “wide” since 2007. We are currently trekking overland from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Argentina in a 1991 Toyota/Winnebago RV.

We are a FAMILY with nine children.

We have five biological children, two born abroad. We have been called the United Nations family since we have four adopted children with ethnic backgrounds in China, Egypt, India and S. Korea, each with special needs. We have found that travel has given them “wings”; they are not shackled by their labels of profound autism, cerebral palsy or quadriplegia. All of our children thrive while living “range-free” on the road. We recently gave birth to our ninth child here in Mexico. He surprised us with the gift of Down Syndrome. He’s the sunshine of our home.


Travel quickly becomes meaningless if lived only for one’s self. Sometimes that means bringing a wheel chair to a child in need. Other times, we head up building projects, bring food to the hungry or just spend time volunteering at local orphanages. We also visit local temples, shrines and cathedrals. While we respect ethnicity, diversity and open dialogue, we are Christians. As such, we believe the Bible to be entirely true, share our hope with those interested, and yet maintain friends from a wide range of beliefs.

Welcome Aboard!

Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea and join our discussions on education, be inspired to follow your own dream, and pick up some tips on making family travel a success. Prepare to laugh and cry with us as we share our travel adventures and blunders with you.

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She’s the author and travel agent for Travel Deep and Wide. She is a freelance writer, wildlife, and family adventure photographer, lay midwife, world schooling advocate and contented momma of nine.



Papa of the crew, he is the spontaneous family adventurer, map reader, fearless driver, family historian, theologian and tour-guide. He’s the baggage handler, toddler backpacker freelance writer, coauthor, and editor of Travel Deep and Wide.  


He is an apt conversationalist, avid fisherman, developing photographer with an extraordinarily keen eye and appreciation for the intricacy and design of nature.  He is also a gifted artist, history buff, and budding translator.  He is strong and confident enough to do a man’s job and yet compassionate and humorous enough to playfully lead the pack.  Josiah was seven when we left our small farm in the Amish country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to travel the United States. We caught the travel bug and have been on extended, international travel ever since.


She is our quiet spirited one that is happy as a hidden servant. As momma’s right hand lady she assisted while giving midwifery care in underdeveloped countries and was also on hand at her youngest brother’s birth. Although she is quiet, she amazed us this year as the only female and the top of her carpentry class. She also thrived as the only child in an adult class for basketry and traditional weaving. She has a quick wit. She loves caring for baby and faithfully keeps the diaper bag packed, bakes from scratch, creates games and projects for the littles. She still, however, keeps up with her older brother in kayaking, scaling ruins and exploring caves.


Born in China, Julia broke us into the world of adoption and special needs. In her case, this means profound autism and reactive attachment disorder, diagnoses that few recognize on meeting her. We cannot imagine our lives without our helpful, attentive, baby-loving Julie-girl. Her wry smile and amazing progress is a testament to what a child can gain by living life on the road.  [/three_fourth_last]


Although born prematurely, he arrived as a fighter. Joshua is our second adoption. While his many labels of cerebral palsy, cortical blindness, and autism sound daunting, he is beating the odds. Joshua has coy smile, loves eating his way around Central America, never meets a stranger and has a ready smile for new friends he makes around the world. 


He is our third adoption. Although he cannot speak or support his own upper torso, his laugh brightens everyone’s day. Hosea loves floating in the water, listening to chirping birds and giggling in the warm sunshine. We realize that there will be a time when he is too big to back pack up ruins or to carry him in his wheelchair. Hosea teaches us to seize the day.


She is our fourth and final adoption. Her birth parents from India lovingly placed her for adoption due to her diagnosis of Down Syndrome and being a little person. She packs a punch in her little body; her motto is ‘get there first and smile'. Her favorite activity in life is leaving us in her dust as we visit zoos around the globe. She is always up for teasing, and at eight she still loves being babied. She can, however, be a big helper, too.


Is our capital “A” Affectionate princess who is growing too quickly. She loves to give gifts and spend quiet moments coloring pictures to give. She is easily moved with compassion and has given her best dolls and other toys away on the spot. She loves to please and encourage others. Under all of her bubbly affection, she has a sharp mind and a strong memory. She was born in the Philippines and has been traveling her entire life. 


He has recently transitioned from crown prince to court jester with the arrival of our newest baby. His click-eyed expressions and hilarious conversations keep us in stitches. His first flight was to sunny Cozumel, Mexico when he was nine months old. Consequently, his Spanish pronunciation is flawless. He is anything but shy and keeps us on our toes and our knees.  [/three_fourth_last]

Baby Jeriah

Born to us in Mexico in an amazing under water birth, he surprised us with the gift of Down Syndrome.  He’s the sunshine of our home.  Jeriah recently underwent a delicate heart surgery in Mexico and emerged a survivor.  He loves to nurse, co-sleep, and gives the sweetest, sloppiest kisses in the world.  His first trip was when he was five weeks old; we rode horse back to an elevation of eleven thousand feet to see 60-70 million monarch butterflies.