Worldschoolers BBQ in Ajijic, Mexico

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July 22, 2015
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Worldschoolers BBQ in Ajijic, Mexico

Worldschooler's BBQ

Just like “birds of a feather”, worldschoolers have a way of flocking together, even here in Mexico. It’s great when families can share a connection over travel without having to fear that our discussion is a threat or uninteresting to the listener.

Worldschoolers BBQ

Just yesterday, we enjoyed getting together with two other families, Everett and Karen (parents traveling with seven children) and Mark and Renee with their daughter (and the famous Archie, a Jack Russel). We all enjoyed a traditional American-Canadian barbecue complete with burgers, hot dogs and salad fixings.

Worldschool BBQ

Everett and Brent fire up the dawgs and burgers while discussing the meaning of life.

As couples we enjoyed trading battle stories, border-crossing tips and the various adventures and misadventures of the traveling-with-children lifestyle.

Older and younger played Frisbee together. Little ones enjoyed the slide and swings. Our crawler enjoyed a well-manicured lawn (along with three dogs and a cat). Not an electronic gaming device or tablet was in sight. Anyone for age-diversified socialization?

Worldschool Kids

In the middle of a Monday afternoon our worldschool kids and teens hang out over a game of cards.

Two hundred uninvited guests appeared which, in the course of an hour, were promptly slain by three children armed with fly-swatters practicing their marksmanship and addition.

Renee and I ran a five-meter dash from behind our timer-run cameras, documenting the event for the ages.

Worldschooler's BBQ

The pre-shot. I love that little Anders tongue. Hannah has obviously been through this before. A photographer’s daughter keeps smiling when the camera is out. 😀

Worldschool BBQ

We shine-up well. Worldshoolers unite.

A big muchos gracias to our host Karen for spearheading this event. Best wishes and bon voyage, wherever the winds take your flock.

You can read Karen’s perspective here.

Who’d we miss? Let us know. We would love to connect with your traveling, worldschooling family.


Brent and Stacey-jean Inion
Brent and Stacey-jean Inion
Brent and Stacey-jean Inion, parents of nine (including four children adopted with special needs), 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year and the National Geographic Travelers People's Choice Travelers of the Year. They love to laugh, to read and to explore as a family. The secret to their marital bliss is an early morning cup of freshly brewed coffee before the children awake.


  1. Melanie Murrish says:

    LOve, love, love!!

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for coming, Inions. Good to connect here and there with you and your clan. You have yet to meet all of our 9, and sorry again that Mitchell missed out on it all, though he’s feeling better today which is good since he’s flying north as I type. I’m sure him and Josiah would have many similarities and mutual interest in projects.

    Glad to see Anders managed to sneak in the Johnson tongue!!

    We enjoy having Mark & Renee as neighbors, and always welcome other traveling families to stop by if they are in the Chapala-Ajijic area.

    • Brent and Stacey-jean Inion says:

      We had a a wonderful time. That Anders is adorable as it your youngest, Lars. Happy travels. I hope our paths cross again.

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